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To get into the inbox and keep campaigns effective.

Recording & Presentation

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Course Agenda

Understanding your audience

How and why you need to collect details of subscribers and how to use it?

Data collection ecosystem

How to create converting forms, how and why to use double opt-in and ReCaptcha

How authentication affects email deliverability? 

Why is it important, and how to secure your identity in email?

What do spam filters mostly care about?

How does it affect legit marketers? 

Holistic approach to email list management

Intro to list hygiene, real life examples.

Testing and monitoring Deliverability

Why is it important and how to do it in three simple steps? 

How to read deliverability tests?

Based on real life examples of deliverability tests.

What will you learn? 

 Understanding your audience 

 Deliverability fundamentals 

 How to take care of deliverability 




Deliverability Specialist & CRO

Yanna-Torry is an email & deliverability specialist with multiple expertise who trains companies of all sizes to build sales and attract new business by designing, developing, and implementing innovative email marketing campaigns. As an unconventional critical thinker and strategic planner. 



Deliverability Expert

Founder and CEO @ Bouncer. Believer in possibility of improving Human to Human e-mail communication. Experienced Deliverability expert and E-mail verification consultant. Really into holacratic learning organisations and Management 3.0, 



Senior Deliverability Manager

Protecting IPs, warming up new domain names, hunting down scammers, giving heart to email issues! As a deliverability specialist I can speak about Deliverability 24/7.. as a Greek woman I can speak about deliverability 24/7 REALLY LOUD. When I am not doing this, I am writing books for kids and sharing free hugs. Having a relationship with chocolate and trying to be a super-mom.

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